modern IQ testing.

The IQ Test Academy consists in creating a high quality assessment based on the best methodology to assess cognitive skills.

We are a team of passionate people who value cognitive skills and wish to let anyone see how they stand.

OUR Mission

We built this test on some fundamental principles:

Number of people who have already taken the test: given that IQ scores depend on a Gaussian repartition (=normal repartition), a high number of past records is necessary to deliver an accurate comparison.

Diversity of metrics and criteria, which compose the requirements of the IQA certification we are built on:
- Testing brain capabilities among 5 different categories.
- Taking into consideration the time for each question, so that it is possible to better analyze the results.
- Ability to navigate between the different questions to let people think and come back to previous questions, in order to have a comprehensive view of their test.

Questions which are able to give interesting interpretations of the answers : too easy or too hard would not let people distinguish between each other. Besides, the way each question in each sub category has been created reflects different skills and therefore allows a more accurate assessment.

Ability to analyze not only the score in itself but also the way the different categories are answered and how they are linked to each other.

Transparency on the fact that even the most serious online tests like this one have their own limitations, it is provided primarily for educational and informative purposes, and no decision should be made before seeing a professional in real life to have an in-depth analysis over several hours.

1. Make IQ measurement easier

We aim at improving modern IQ Testing to allow anyone to find helpful insights about cognitive skills.

2. Train brain capabilities

We are building exercises which improve brain capabilities through different methods.

3. Build a community of people to share

We are looking to make cognitive skills measurement a way for anybody to find their own path.